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How our application works

A secure dashboard for dealers that can be viewed on a POS, laptop, tablet, or touchscreen kiosk, the system can also directly be used by customers.

In the customer dashboard you can select by gun type using our easy to use interface.

Having selected your gun type you are instantly brought to a police force list where all the relevant details are available and predetermined; simply select the police force you need to inform.

You can now view the required details of the police force, simply input the firearm serial number or make and model. Add your details and press submit. Your details have now been automatically emailed to the chosen Police force and you will receive email confirmation. Quick and easy to use!

The secure dealer area

The dealer area is password controlled for added security

An intuitive dashboard gives you a gateway to your customer details and stock records.

View your customer list from a simple search and look up feature. Pull up details of, customer transactions, contact details and the police force their certification is assigned too.

View your stock status, search by date range, gun type and more, click on 'add stock' to add new items to your records.

We have provided a database of all the gun manufacturers and gun types, you can input limited details and it will find them instantly, saving you time and effort.

Input a serial number and the system will find the item for you.

Decide on what you need to do with a firearm and the system will record all the details securely. In most instances you will need details to be sent through to the police force holding certification and the system can mange that for you.

Retaining your records securely is at the heart of the system and they can be accessed and downloaded by you as the dealer in a secure section of our portal. You can decide if and when you need to notify the police about certain services you are involved with, such as gun transfers, gun sales and gun repairs, returned items to the manufacturer, disposal and storage of firearms.

About Us
Gun Certify

Gun Certify can make the trading of firearms easier for gun traders . European Legislation is presenting more of a need to keep digital records for the purchase and transfer of firearms.

The Gun certify system keeps all your records in one place and helps you retrieve details quickly and easily.

We are so confident you will be impressed with our system that we provide our system free for 30 days, simply email the Gun certify team for more details.

Who are we?

RGB Interactive Digital provides IT and technology services for several business sectors.

Our services embrace every aspect of the way people interact, communicate, trade, learn and are entertained using today's technologies.

We have vast experience and expertise having worked with well known brands delivering applications and solutions that exceed expectations. We have achieved industry recognition for some of our more high profile projects.

We have worked closely with gun traders in order to understand the issues they faced with keeping records and the solution became Gun Certify.

We have built a system that:

  • Records your customer’s details securely
  • Informs & sends certification details to the relevant police force
  • Can keep a record of your stock
  • Provide an advertising method on the web (Optional)
  • Allows you to sell on the web (Optional)
  • Can present surveys and newsletter opportunities towards your customer base(Optional)
Gun Certify

Records your customer details ‘securely’

Gun Certify can make the trading of firearms easier for gun traders . European Legislation is requiring traders to keep digital records for the purchase and transfer of firearms.

Gun Certify

Inform & send certification details to the police

Allows you and your customers to quickly send certification details to the police during a sale or transfer. We have a template based system for all the police forces that quickly and automatically sends details to the relevant force. We have looked at the criteria for each force and the required detail will appear in our interface so you are sure you are sending the right information.

Gun Certify

Easy to use stock input system

Add stock and find stock with ease with the quick search system from our database, You have all the gun manufacturers at your finger tips. Gone are the days of paper records! In comes a digital method in line with European Legislation. Sell, transfer, hold in storage, repair or dispose of with a correct set of records.

Advertise on the web

Our aim is to provide an online market place for licenced buyers and sellers of firearms.

Advertise your product in our gun seller market place on the web at the most competitive rates available.

Effective marketing with a broad reach

Great value for our partners

Large audience, where private buyers can post item requests that can match you advertising, if a match is found they and you will be emailed.

Sell on the web

Our partners can also upgrade to an online store if they choose at reduced rates. We can build you an online store at the most competitive rates in the UK, as a Gun Certify partner we offer a discount on all our online service.

Customer surveys and newsletter

We have customer survey and newsletter sign up module that can be a very effective way to gain incite from you customers whilst generating you a powerful marketing database, you can build questionnaires or ask us to build them for you and add them to your website or a POS terminal, please ask us for more details.

To learn more contact: 01442 865557 e: info@rgbint.com


How Much Does The Service Costs?

A one off configuration fee of £175.00

Then a monthly fee of £29.95 ongoing

Included in this you can advertise 50 firearms in my Gun Search Market place free of charge

Gun Trade association members will receive a configuaration discount of £25.00

Included in our cost is remote assistance to set up the system this is conducted during the first week of sign up and takes approximately 1 hour.

Advertising on My Gun Search will alway be good value against alternative advertising providers and we want to make this the first choice for marketing the safe sale of firearms.

Other costs:

We have built our system to be easy to use, however; If you need technical assistance or maybe need help adding your stock we can charge you a low cost for our time. Cost is £40.00 per hour for on demand help

We also provide EPOS solutions and Point of sale touchscreen systems, please call us for more information.

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